About Us

Last year, the idea of organizing the first fair of exotic animals in Slovenia was born with many dismemberers from all over Europe. We wanted to enable Slovene customers to buy a wide variety of exotic animals in one place, along with equipment, food, books and everything related to teleradiology at affordable prices. The responses to the first two fairs were favorable, so we continue organizing the fair twice a year.
In the project Slo-Exo SBS, STANE MOČNIK, S.P.
Where and how such a trade works

On the European market, such fairs have already been coordinated. Trade shows are held in Austria, Germany, and Italy. It was high time that they started to routinely play with us at the same time. Animals such as spiders, lizards, snakes … are very popular but are more difficult to reach. The stores offer some types of animals, but mostly these are not specialized shops, which leads to a lot of disinformation. The fairs we organize are “specialized trade in terrorism”. You will have the choice of a large number of different types of animals, suitable equipment for them, food and of course the right advice. Prices on such venues are up to 60% lower than in commercial sales, and of course, the choice is immensely higher!

We comply with the international directives of the EU Commission for the Protection of Wild Animals in Confinement. The organizers also deal with such animals us, we adore them, respect them and love them, so we do not tolerate the abuse of their rights to achieve greater benefits of exhibitors.
We hope that you will see the fair and find something new for you.
Exotic greetings from the Slo-Exo team!
Aleš Abram, Nikola Ranilović and Stane Močnik