The Worst Zookeeper Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic is a former zookeeper and former owner of the famous Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park located in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Joe Exotic became known to the public during the early 1990s as the owner and operator of the world famous Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. He was arrested and charged with felony cruelty to animals after he was found on the scene to administer CPR to an unconscious animal. He is said to have been the owner of numerous tigers that died at the hands of his friend, Larry D. White, a well-known licensed tiger hunter. Exotic is said to have killed at least nine more tigers that are not known to exist.

His friend, A.J. – as he is commonly known – was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is described as a big cat, weighing in at around seventy pounds, with a massive amount of white fur. In fact, the only color that can be found on Joe Exotic’s fur is pink, which is a characteristic shared by only three other big cats.

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Is Joe Exotic in Prison? Where?

Where is Joe Exotic now? Where he should be, in prison. On September 7th, two men were arrested in California after authorities discovered them hiding inside a teddy bear skinned with a patch of hair from one of Joe Exotic’s tigers. Authorities identified the suspects as thirty-one-year-old Jason Hawes and twenty-one-year-old Michael Freeman. The men were taken into custody without incident and investigators determined that the two men had been part of an illegal ring that had been selling tiger king and joe berry products to unknowing buyers all over the country. Only crazy fanatic Joe Exotic fans will go and visit the jerk. If you’re one of them crazy fans, make sure to grab yourself a Effuel gasoline chip saver. You’ll save lots of money on gas when you make that useless road trip to visit “Tiger King” Joe Exotic.

It has since been discovered that the ring had been selling fake king and joe berry products as well as other “tiger” related items such as leopard, alligator, snake, and lizard tattoos. After arresting the suspects, the filmmakers behind the sting were surprised when they found out that not only did the men have all the elements necessary to perfect a successful sting operation, but also that the products being sold were already completely false.

Joe Exotic Animal Crimes Committed

Joe Exotic was charged with 17 counts of animal abuse. The sting was meant as a joint effort between the TLC America’s Next Top Model mother corporation and the film’s director, Rob Reiner, and his wife, Rebecca. Joe and Rebecca had agreed to donate ten percent of the money they would earn from any advertising revenue gained by their movie to benefit charities in the local community. Through the efforts of their good friends in the local production and marketing businesses, they were able to generate a large enough amount of advertising revenue that they were able to pay the taxes on time and still have leftover funds to give to the various charity organizations. Here are some of the crimes he committed:

  • Killed tigers, lions and other animals
  • Inhumane treatment of animals
  • Attempted murder on Carol f**n Baskin
  • unsafe work environment

In addition to donating a portion of their proceeds, though, the couple had also made it clear that they wanted to make the whole thing a “good for the animals” story, which means that instead of using the tiger king or joe berry concept, they would use the word “tiger”. (The good news is, the real animals are now using the word “tiger”.)

Bengal Tiger

Are Joe Exotic Fanatics Crazy?

This didn’t bother Rebecca at all – she knew that by using the word tiger king she would be able to help her family get a tax break and she was glad she could help out by giving her name as the primary star of the movie. She and Joe even used the “Joe the Rapper” song in the background during shooting. (The real name of the singer who sang the original version of this song is Marc Anthony.

Garbage Joe Exotic Songs

Here are some of Joe Exotic’s songs for his fanatic fans.

  • Here Kitty Kitty
  • How Was I To Know
  • I Saw a Tiger
  • My First Love
  • Do You Ever Wonder What Love Could Do?
  • Pretty Woman Lover
  • GW and Me
  • I Can’t Believe This Feeling
  • This Is My Life
  • Because You Love Me

Though the producers of “The Tiger King” had taken steps to make certain no animals were harmed in filming, they were not pleased with the reception some local television stations gave them for criticizing the use of “tiger” in the movie. To make matters worse for the filmmakers, in March 2021, a local television station broadcast a segment on the “Joe Commercials” that featured both the “Joe Commercial” and “Rebecca” characters. The filmmakers lost a potential TV hit when they had to air the “Rebecca” commercial again without removing the controversial scenes featuring the “tiger” character.

Conclusion: Joe Exotic Should Be In Jail Forever!

In the end, Joe Exotic was a character that people found intersting, but what he really was, he was an evil person. Joe was an evil man that only care about himself and his image. At the end, the tigers/animals suffered. What is it about these two big cats that draw both audiences and controversy? In reality, the “tiger” and “goode” are interchangeable terms used to describe an animal that has long been domesticated: the leopard. In modern times, both termites and big cats can be seen in zoos all over the world. Though they are unrelated animals, both are commonly referred to as “tigers”. If you’re thinking of helping out tigers, check out this site,

If you are going to choose your next exotic pet, take a moment to consider whether the animal you choose is a lion or a tiger. It would not do your pet any harm to have either as a pet, but having one or the other may result in a lifetime of awe and admiration from those who see it. Joe Exotic is proud to offer some of the best and brightest exotic cats and birds that this world has to offer. Please visit their website and learn more about how to choose the perfect animal companion for you and your family. As always, for more news follow our blog at

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